Osteopathy is a gentle, hands-on therapy approach that balances the body’s structure, restores physiological functioning, and brings well-being.

The body is all connected and functions as a whole and symptoms often show up in different areas from where the restrictions are located. A whole-body assessment and treatment approach is used to address all of the related components.

Diane combines cranio-sacral (nervous system), visceral (organs), and structural (musculo-skeletal) therapies in her sessions to restore whole-body alignment and deep nervous system balance.

Treatment helps to relieve pain, ease muscle tension, restore movement and joint motion, align posture, release restrictions around organs, balance the nervous system, dissipate stress, revitalize energy, optimize blood, lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluid circulation, and improve function, health and well-being.

Osteopathy is beneficial for:

Muscle TensionRestricted MovementBack ProblemsLow Back Pain
 Neck and Shoulder Tension Pelvic Pain Hip Pain Sacral Pain
 Rib Cage Restriction/Pain Tailbone Pain Sciatic Pain Knee Pain
 Ankle and Foot Pain Postural issues Jaw pain Numbness or Tingling
 Headaches and Migraines Stress/Anxiety Dizziness/Vertigo Accidents/Injuries
 Sinusitis Concussions Osteoarthritis/OsteoporosisPrenatal/Postnatal care
 Weakness/Nerve Impingement Post-Mastectomy CareMenstrual issuesTMJ dysfunction
 Accidents/Injuries/Whiplash Scar Tissue/Adhesions Arthritis conditions Digestive Issues
 Respiratory/Breathing issues