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Healing yourself is connected with healing others.

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Women’s Osteopathy Clinic

Diane Swiderski, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Guelph Ontario

Osteopathic Treatments with Diane Swiderski, osteopathywithdiane.com (photo of Diane Swiserski, Osteopath)

Hi, I’m Diane. Welcome to my practice!

Here’s what I do:

I work with women (18+) at all stages of life. I use an osteopathic manual therapy approach to health. I assess and treat the whole body to release restrictions related to your symptoms and health concerns. Restrictions are found in the musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial systems. When released, you are in a more favourable state for self-healing.

The experience:

Clients are usually referred by a friend or family member, a healthcare practitioner, or they find me on the web. You may book your appointment online, or through phoning or emailing me. At your initial appointment we will review your health history, and the reason you are seeking osteopathic treatment. If I determine it is safe and appropriate for you, then we will proceed with treatment. If not, I will refer you to your doctor to be assessed. Treatment is gentle and can feel very relaxing. You will remain clothed throughout the whole process. A plan will be recommended for you which may include home care advice or other treatment options. I will assess your progress after three treatments and determine if further treatment is the best option for you. My clients are welcome to return for treatment when the need arises, or they can come in for maintenance treatments as part of their own healthcare plan.

My style:

I have a background in social work, massage and craniosacral therapy. I’ve always been drawn to healing and the human experience. I’m a happy, sensitive introvert who’s discovered the pure zen of working with my hands. Allowing ourselves to be exactly as we are is crucial for health and wellbeing: a road paved with self-compassion. It’s my pleasure to support you on your path.


  • Master in Practice Diploma of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences, Canadian Academy of Osteopathy 2016
  • Registered Massage Therapy Diploma, Sutherland-Chan 2000
  • Social Work (BSW) Program, Ryerson University 1994
  • Social Service Worker Diploma, Humber College 1991

Professional Membership:

  • Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners
  • College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (2000-2016)
  • Massage Therapists’ Association of Nova Scotia (2003-2006)

Continuing Education Courses:

  • Canadian College of Osteopathy: persistent concussion symptoms, still technique, visceral manipulation 2017-present
  • Canadian College of Osteopathy: first year courses: pelvis, legs, cranium 2008-2009
  • Upledger Institute + Cranial Therapy Centre, craniosacral therapy courses 2001-2007

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