Women’s Osteopathy Clinic

Osteopathy is a gentle, hands-on therapy approach

that balances the body’s structure,

restores physiological functioning,

and brings well-being.

The body is all connected and functions as a whole and symptoms often show up in different areas from where the problem is located. Osteopathy is a whole-body approach that addresses all of the related components. Osteopathic treatment gently releases restrictions so your body can function efficiently again.

Imbalances in the body can be caused by postural habits, repetitive activities, stress, sleeping positions, exercise, sports, pregnancies, injuries, accidents, traumas, concussions, illnesses, chronic conditions, surgeries, scar tissue, and dental work, etc.

The goal of osteopathic therapy is to enhance the self-healing abilities of the body. Treatment aims to relieve pain, ease muscle tension, restore movement and joint motion, align posture, release restrictions around organs, balance the nervous system, dissipate stress, revitalize energy, optimize blood, lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluid circulation.

Diane Swiderski is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. She has a private practice and works with women (18+) at all stages of life. She has over 20 years of manual therapy experience. Diane began her career in the social work field and subsequently trained to become a registered massage therapist. She is a graduate of Sutherland-Chan Massage School in Toronto (2000) and the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton (2016).

Diane is a member of the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners

Her office is located at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph

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