Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in Guelph, ON

Osteopathy with Diane provides natural healing treatments for women in Guelph, ON. Osteopathic treatments help you relieve stress, ease lower back pain, align posture and address issues resulting from injuries or accidents.

A private practice serving women (18+) at all stages of life. Located at the Orchard Park Office Centre (Ignatius Centre) Guelph, Ontario.

Imbalances in the body can be caused by postural habits, repetitive activities, stress, sleeping positions, exercise, sports, pregnancies, injuries, accidents, traumas, concussions, illnesses, chronic conditions, surgeries, scar tissue, and dental work, etc.

Osteopathy is a whole-body approach that addresses all of the related components because the body is completely connected and functions as a whole.

The osteopathic treatment gently releases restrictions so your body can function efficiently again.